Roadmap Stage 3 (17th May)

Roadmap Stage 3 (17th May)

Hi All

At “Roadmap Step 3, 17th May” 30people can meet outdoors. This is within the numbers normally present for the Friday Rollup.

From Friday 21st May Friday Rollups are back.

Initially meeting at 5 15pm for a 5 30 start.

For new members a brief description :

£1 a head with a prize for the best bowlers based on performance of the teams you were in.

(your teams do well you do well).

Normally two short games 6-8 ends.

Teams chosen at random and to suit numbers present, (could be 4 pairs with 16 bowlers, 3 triples with 18 bowlers or 2 triples plus 1 rinks with 20 bowlers).

After the first game, bowlers rearranged in different teams for the second game.

You can play both games or only one it is up to you.

Great way of meeting other members of the club.

Tokens will be drawn by organisers until “Roadmap Step 4 21st June”

Please remember social distancing particularly when registering to play. Early arrival will help all players and organisers.