Rink Booking Post 17th May

Rink Booking Post 17th May

At the last Management Committee meeting, held on Wednesday the 12th May, Ian Holmes and Malcolm Linn were tasked with finding the best way forward on the booking system under Covid-19.

It was felt that a system of booking rinks in the clubhouse and/or on the website, was not going to work with all members.

Generally members meet up at the Clubhouse and arrange and book the games while they are there.

Names written down to book rinks are often not sufficient for keeping a record as, for various reasons, a member may not turn up on the day.

A daily Covid-19 registered folder has been created, which has been placed on a table just inside the Clubhouse  entrance from the veranda/green.

All members should fill in the register every day they attend at the Club , as well as all visitors/spectators.

Organised games such as Monday Triples that already record all members present, will do not have to rewrite names into the folder but MUST keep a record of all those that have attended for the following three weeks.

For organised league games the score cards MUST be kept as the record of who has played for three weeks.  All accompanying visitors/spectators MUST register attendance.

From 17th May the reservation of rinks will be via the booking sheets, as in former years.

Members and Visitors are reminded that until the 21st June, at the earliest, a mask should be worn in the Clubhouse.

Sanitise hands before entering the Clubhouse and writing in book or register.

Bring your own pen or pencil to write in names when booking rinks and registering  attendance. This will save constant sanitising of a pen or pencil
It is hoped everyone accepts this as the way forward. However, if problems are experienced or a better method can be put forward the Management Committee are prepared to adapt.