Hedge End Bowling Club


Results of 2021 competitions
Mens 2 Wood Ladies 2 Wood
Mens 4 Wood Championship Ladies 4 Wood Championship
Mens Handicap Ladies Handicap
Mens Pairs Ladies Pairs
Mens Triples Ladies Triples
Open Singles Green Medal Singles
Mixed Pairs Over 65 Mixed Pairs
Mixed Triples Mixed Fours
Gerald Miller Shield
Gallery of Winners 2022

Gallery of Winners 2021

Ladies Events Mens Events
Fours Triples
Winners L. Allen, J. Cleave, W. Riley, E. Quarrell Winners R. Brown, M. Linn, D. Davis
Runners up V. Moody, P. McCarthey, F. Pycroft,

M. Lloyd

Runners up J. Vincent, M. Keyte. Mike Carr
Triples Pairs
Winners F. Pycroft, A. Pound, D. Holmes Winners K. Locke, A. Ross
Runners up E. Quarrell, M. Carr, R. Hamilton Runners up T. Emberson, F. Barnett
Pairs Handicap
Winners D. Sawyer F. Pycroft Winner J. Vincent
Runners up M. Carr, R. Whittaker Runner up D. McLellan
Handicap 2 Woods
Winner D. Sawyer Winner D. McLellan
Runner up Mo. Matthews Runner up K. Locke
2 Woods Club Champion
Winner F. Pycroft Winner D. McLellen
Runner up W. Riley Runner up I. Holmes
Club Champion
Winner W. Riley
Runner up A. Pound
Mixed Events
Winners J. Harvey, M. Matthews, K. Locke
Runners up E. Quarrell, M. Carr, J. Fairless
Winners A. Pound, D. Bishop
Runners up J. Simpson, D. Miller
Pairs over 65
Winners M. Lloyd, J. Vincent
Runners up W. Riley, M. Linn
Open Singles
Winner I. Short
Runner up M. Linn
Green Medal
Winner C. Pycroft
Runner up D. McLellan